Series 2000 Megalug For C900 PVC Pipe


Features and Applications:

• For restraining plain end PVC pipe at mechanical joint fittings and appurtenances
• Sizes 3 inch through 36 inch Sizes 42 inch through 54 inch accommodated by Series 2200
• MEGA-BOND® Restraint Coating System For more information on MEGA-BOND, refer to
• Constructed of ASTM A536 Ductile Iron
• The mechanical joint follower gland is incorporated into the restraint
• Accommodates full deflection of the mechanical joint on which it is used
• Heavy duty thick wall design

• Support Products Available:
◦ Split mechanical Joint style available for 3 inch through 12 inch EBAA Series 2000SV
◦ Solid restraint ring harness available for C900-16 PVC pipe bells EBAA Series 2800
◦ Split restraint ring harness available for C900-16 PVC pipe bells and PVC fittings EBAA Series 1500, 1600 and 2500

• All 2000PV and related restraint products can be furnished as packaged accessories complete with appropriate restraint, gasket, lubrication and bolting hardware

For use on water or wastewater pipelines subject to hydrostatic pressure and tested in accordance with either AWWA C600 or ASTM D2774

Data Sheet