Series 15PF00TD True Dual C900DI Pipe To DI PO Fitting Restraint


Features and Applications:

• Restraint for Ductile Iron Pipe at ductile iron fittings, meeting ANSI/AWWA C151/A21.51 and ANSI/AWWA C150/ A21.50
• Restraint for AWWA C900 PVC Pipe at ductile iron fittings
• Minimum 2 to 1 Safety Factor
• MEGA-BOND® Restraint Coating System For more on MEGA-BOND refer to
• Constructed of ASTM A536 Ductile Iron For use on water or wastewater pipelines subject to hydrostatic pressure and tested in accordance with either AWWA C600, C605, or ASTM D2774.

Data Sheet